It's My Birthday

by Rafa's One Man Band

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Well its my birthday,
so Im gonna party like its my birthday,
It's monday, so in theory it's a work day,
But I ain't got shit to do so today,
it's my smirk day,
My I'ma get all sorts of sideways drunk day,
Crunk, some say, that's how I'm gonna get,
Holy water, NOW that's what I'm about to get into,
I'ma take a swimming pool full of liquid and I'll divvvveee in it....
Pool full of liquid then I'll dive in it yea,
I'm a see the cosmos like I'm riding with Neil DeGrasse Tyson,
I'm answer the question of life, the universe and everything,
like them mice in the Hitchiker's guide,
Come along on a fantastic ride ride ride.....
I'm gonna take a left at the milky way,
Stay away from the asteroid belt,
Head straight towards the fullllll melt,
Baby you oughta learn the way my name is spelt,
It's just R like the sound of the pirate
A like the sound of a canadian
F Like at the beginning of the work fuck
the give me another A just like a good canuck
RAFA baby don't want you play.
Give you all my loving like McCartney and John,
Like Marvin Gaye baby let's get it on....

Well it's my birthday
So I'm gonna party like it's my birthday,
The day I get so drunk I learn to twerk day,
fuck man It's my birthday
but y'all are the ones getting gifts and shit,
Spitting words, giving you beats, get you lifted and shit,
Getting motherfuckers high as a kite on that Cali green
Got em so damn high, they say damn you're mean son,
Ain't noone can hold a candle to you,
flow so smooth,
words highly unstable,
can't find me on a periodic table, but
no disrepect,
You dizzy yet?
You feeling wrecked?
What'd you expect?
My rhymes got side effects,
It's says so on the warning label!


released June 30, 2014




Rafa's One Man Band Berkeley

Travelling between Americana and Brazuka, Rafa's One Man Band is comprised of one man, and many layers. From driving funk rhythms, to string heavy pop anthems Rafa manages to walk a fine line between ego and soul, digital and analogue, musicality and production.
The resulting sound is at times so reminiscent of a full band, that Rafa himself forgets that he has no bandmates.
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